Yoga & Nutrition Workshop

Yoga & Nutrition Workshop

28 Jul 20:00 - 30 Jul 16:00 - Beit Oren
יערות הכרמל


A nutrition workshop through nature and practical yoga

Move down the road
Through the hardships and the upheavals,
To meaning and peace.

A Yogic view is required for the traumatic experience of change and transition in life. Resilience is required to contain obstacles in order to move on and harness as an opportunity for growth.
It requires self awareness in the face of fragility, and patience to travel the process in between.

Culinary transitions are an opportunity to observe the seasons, to connect with the seasons and to fully appreciate that which Mother Earth brings us to the table,

We will learn to recognise the real needs of our body
The workshop will be held by Ruthie Amir & Avital Sabag


09 Jan 15:00 - 10 Jan 18:00 09 Jan 15:00 - 10 Jan 18:00 - Beit Oren Beit Oren
יערות הכרמל יערות הכרמל
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